Many friends and people I’ve met along the way on my solo travel experiences have asked me why I wouldn’t write in English since I would reach a much bigger audience and also because they wanted to read my stories too. Here you go – this is my first ever written travel article in English, so please don’t be too critical.
I wrote this text while sitting on a terreace on the island Capri with a beautiful view over Capri town. The sun is setting down slowly after what was a hot late summer day end of August. Crickets are chirring and the humming sound mixes nicely with the church bells in town. The white and yellow painted mediterranean villas gleam brightly and a few yachts sail along the coastline.

I think back to the start of my journey in Rome and happily recall my night out in Trastevere. Dinner at ‚La Proscuitteria‘: walking parallel to the Tiber I accidently ended up in that restaurant. The smell of truffles lays in the air, the music is light, the place lively and filled with stylish guests and extremly friendly waiters. I feel very welcome from the first moment on. Food comes and I’ve decided today that I’d make sure to empraze and love every bite I’d eat in the next two weeks. Amare, the friendly waiter, offered me a small plate of the mixed antipasti platter and I instantly fell in love with the truffle and Gorgonzola paste on Italian bread – simply heaven.

La Prosciutteria

After a very plessant dinner chat and some wine I start wandering in Trastevere, a quarter of Rome where everyone seems to be on a weekend night. All restaurants, bars and cafés are packed with locals sand tourists, lively growds of young and older people. Next thing happens, I find myself sitting on a piazza close to Tiber river – Piazza Trilussa.

This seems to be the place to be and when sitting there and soaking in the marvellous atmosphere I meet Enrico, a Roman decorator and restorer. We have a rich discussion about historic buildings in Rome, Russian literature and the disintegration of society. It was already late when I left Trastevere that night and I enjoyed a peaceful walk back to Trevi still absorbed in philosophical thoughts, passing Campo de’ Fiori with it’s bustling nightlife, Pizza Navona and the Pantheon.

Rome by night
Getting lost was on top of my list for the next day in order for me to explore the less known parts and streets of Rome. Enrico told me about the local flea market Porta Portese in Trastevere, apparently a typical Roman Sunday morning activity, so I went. The market is very busy with people, it’s a place where you can get everything you might ever need in one of the thousand stands. Next stop is Ancient Rome, I wander along the Tiber River and from there further to the Roman Forum, it is as beautiful as I remembered it but still impresses me. A new place I haven’t been to before is Il Vittereano and the stunning view you have from up there is beautiful. You can either pay 7 Euro and take the elevator to the top or you can just enjoy a drink on the terrace, snack stuffed black olives and bites if prosciutto é mozzarella while feeling so blessed to be able to enjoy a top notch view over Roman Forum and the Colosseum. For the Colosseum: In the afternoon is it way to packed to go insight. My tip, buy a ticket online in advance to skip the queue and also get a change to do the underground tour otherwise be there very early in the morning before the Colosseum opens (be there around 8:15AM and you’ll be fine).
Hungry and tired after an exhausting long walk I settle in a small restaurant called Al Cardello in Monti. For lunch I order Bruschetta and Spaghetti Pomodore e Parmigiano and a glass of the house red wine. The sweetness of the fresh tomatoes and the rich olive oil on rustic Italian bread is molto delizioso.

Lunch in Monti

After siesta I take my camera and set off on new adventures and surprisingly come along the Pantheon, Castel Sant Angelo and the Vatican City, where I take some nice photographs when light mystically touches some status.

Rom - Vatikan
After Vatican City and a stroll in the Jewish Quarter, my most favourite part of Rome, a most joyful day is over. Besides I completely forgot to mention more than delicious pure chocolate ice cream at Gelateria del Teatro (Via dei Coronari, 65/66), it was too good to be true and captures one other perfect Roman moment for me.

Dark Choclate Ice Cream in Rome
The next day greets me with lots of sunshine and I’m so lucky to be able to travel the world – a new day, new moments and experiences to take in. I spend the morning in the Colosseum and I’m deeply impressed by the thought how many things this building must have seen over all those years.

Rome by night - Colosseum

An extended walk in Celio & Lateran rounds the morning off. For a quick and cheap lunch I head to Campo de’ Fiori where I get the famous pizza bianca, a pizza with olive oil, rosemary and salt.
In the afternoon I go for a little shopping trip to Via del Corso and accidentally run in an old friend from university – how could get this any better?

Rom - Paar im Schatten

I’m off to Naples…..hear from me soon and until then – bon voyage