Sitting at Dublin airport and waiting for my flight to Paris, I calm down after a busy week. I didn’t even find the time to prepare for my trip, so I guess I’ll do what I always do – these three things make it on my list every time (safe activties to get the most out of a weekend trip)

1) Get lost! Paris actually is one fo those cities where you can do that and end up in the most beautiful places, no matter if you turn left or right – one thing I love about the city of love.

2) Hit the market! Markets is as well always a fantatsic opportunity to get a better understanding of a culture (and a great excuse for shopping). Exploring a city without going to a market – there is something missing, so check out the best food, clothes, art and flea markets at your next destination.

3) Eat! Of course there will be croissants, cheese and wine (maybe even Rosé, as a friend of mine recently recommended). Food is great to immerse in a culture, hence just enjoy and no guilt!

A walk along the Seine and soking in the athmosphere in Montmatre shall round this weekend of.
You can see I’m excited and ready for new experiences.

I’ll keep you posted on, until then – bisous & bon voyage