So far so good, managed to get the flight and find my way to the hotel in 9th arrondissement.
Feels like ages since I’ve visited the beautiful city last and this time it looks completely  differnt to me. A few years ago I visited to run away from love, last time I wanted to renew love, maybe this time I’m ready for a new one? What do you think?

Let’s wait and see what happens…

I start my day with croissants and a tour to Marché aux Puces. It’s the best place in town for antics, furniture, art and vintage postcars, vinyl and photos. Makes my top 3 list of favorit markets around the world, next to Paddington Market in Sydney and Brooklyn Flea Market in New York. Another market I visit is Le Marché des Entfants Rouges, overly crowded food market, the oldest in Paris with all kinds of cuisines. Don’t go there if you starving, the lines are exhausting but absolutely worth it (I’ll find out later that weekend). For Saturday I move on quickly and find myself in a typical Parisian corner bistro, where I do what I love  most in a new place – watching people, enjoy a glass of wine in the afternoon sun and plan the rest of the day while writing about travelling.

After reading part 1 of my weekend story an old friend of mine sends me a tip, about one of her most favorit spots in Paris, the terasse of Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. I go there and absolutely understand her excitment about the place. The atmosphere here is awesome. It’s a hidden place, but well known, a mix of hip Parisians and I guess a few tourists. The Eiffel Tour is shimmering in the back, relaxed music fills the air and hundreds of lights illuminate the open air bar.

Things I miss that night are the ’nuit blanche‘, the night where museums are open late and it’s all about cultural activities as well as the late mess at 10pm at Sacre Coeur. Guess I just have to come back another time.

Bon voyage & bisous

P.S. To all solo travelers out there. Paris is a fabulous place to travel by yourself. It’s a city where it is fairly easy to sit alone in a café or restaurant (which I personally find most difficult sometimes when travelling solo). Besides there are plenty of things to see and do, and if you’ve already seen what you wanted, there is always shopping.

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