Two years passed by quickly, my life has changed tremendously but coming back here it feels like the world hasn’t changed that much.
It’s a weird feeling to wander those streets again, knowing exactly where I was going without any doubt I was feeling at home again immediately.
Edinburgh is just that cosy town and you could get the idea nothing bad could ever happen here. It also feels like a very safe place for solo travellers.

Grassmarket at night

What’s on the agenda for this weekend?
Not really much. The weather forecast tells me to better stay inside for the whole time – rain, rain and even more rain is expected with heavy winds.
If that’s going to be the case I have a guilt-free day of shopping ahead of me and when I feel like it I might go to see an art or photography exhibition.
I end my first night in Edinburgh with a glass of Merlot at Café Royal, which is just around the corner of my very nice hostel – The Baxter.  At Café Royal the ‘Soup of the day is Whiskey’ and I wonder if there is really such a thing like Whiskey soup or if they are just kidding.
It is Saturday morning and the weather is much better than expected, so I decide to walk/hike to Arthur’s Seat and get a stunning view over Edinburgh from up there.

The wind nearly blows me away on top of the hill after a 45 minute walk from the hostel.
Next was a quick visit at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the apartments of the British royal family.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Afterwards passing by Grassmarket on my way to Saturday’s Farmer’s Market on Castle Terrace. It’s a nice, small market with local products. I get a Scone to keep me going and give me strength for the following shopping tour in Princes and George Street. Later on a tasty lunch at Sabo, an Asian street food restaurant follows.

Sabo Asian Streetfood

For the night I hit a few pubs on Market Street with a last stop at the Royal Mile. Sunday is misty, rainy day, I decide to go to my favourite Café before leaving. The National Museum of Scotland and free entry banner seem inviting once the rain gets worse and I find myself in one of the best museums I’ve ever been to, I can just marvel at the astonishing animal exhibition. Go there if you’re in town.


Rounding off my last hours in Edinburgh  I finally come back to the Café Söderberg (Peter’s Yard) as they have amazing food and great Swedish flair.


Hope you enjoyed reading about one of my favourite places in Europe! Bon voyage…

Scottish National Museum