It’s an early morning when we leave the skyscrapers of Boston behind us, to explore the fall foliage, most of you might know under the name of Indian Summer.

I learn that the 3 most important factors for it to happen are light, water, temperature. The colour of the foliage depends on the sugar level of the tree: the more sugar the deeper the red, the less sugar the more yellowish is the foliage.

This year New England had a warm autumn and the first frost hasn’t happened yet, so the tour guide didn’t get our hopes up too high. Disappointing start but hope dies last and I have to say, I saw some pretty amazing and beautiful fall foliage. I’ve added a few photos for you below. Besides fantastic nature and the whole yellow, orange and red palette one of the best things was the private little beach I found for lunch break. When everyone went to the pre-booked restaurant for a lunch buffet, I strapped my backpack on and went exploring the area. After only a short stroll I found my spot on the waterfront, in the sunlight – best lunch picnic in ages! The further up north we went, the better got the colouring and the more intensive the fall foliage got. In the afternoon we stopped at a lot of scenic lakes and creeks. We completed the tour at a local farmers market, where the families would come with their children to buy pumpkins for halloween, apples for pie and flowers for the garden. All in all it was a brief but sugar-sweet trip to the countryside during Indian Summer.

Enjoy the pictures & safe travels….

P.S. Last but not least you know I’m alway keen to learn and so I’ve decided to share with you the things I’ve learned along the way. What I’ve learned that day:

  • Be open
  • Talk to the person next to you
  • Ask people about their story, you’ll be surprise by the amazing things you’ll hear