I’ll take a shuttle from Ubud to Padang Bai and from there a speed boat to Gili Air (all together IPR 250.000 = ca. 18€).

The one thing you do on Gili is water activities (or partying when on Gili T, but that wasn’t on my agenda).

The first night I meet a new friend for dinner and sunset cocktails. Life is good, the perfect place to relax and we eat and chat until we are all super tired at 9pm. Time works different around here and I’m pretty amazed by how tired I am every evening around 9pm but you also have to know that I usually get up around 6am, with the sound of the rooster crowing.

For the next day I book myself on a half day snorkelling trip around the Gili Islands. Thousands of fish living in the coral reefs around those islands and we get to see at least a dozen of them. My personal highlight were the big sea turtles.

Last year in Nicaragua I helped baby sea turtles to their first swim and now I finally saw the big ones again. The unfortunate part of the flourishing tourism here is that many corals were destroyed and died, that’s why the beaches are also full of pieces of dead corals.

With my new Rollei 425 action cam I filmed a bit under water….hope you enjoy 3 minutes of holiday feeling!