An early start again. I get up at 4:30AM for my day trip to Pulau Padar and Komodo Island. I’m soooo excited to finally see the last dinosaurs, the Komodo dragons.

The stops for the day are Pulau Padar to hike up a hill for an amazing view of three bays. Next stop Komodo National Park to see Komodo dragons and last stop Pink Beach for snorkelling. (In case you know the area: Manta Point was unfortunately closed due to strong current). Below you find a few of my favorite shots of the day….

Recently I also started to film now and then and I’m learning how to edit videos. It is great fun and if you like to get a closer look on my rainy hike on Pulau Padar and see some Komodo dragons in action, watch the video on my YouTube channel, here: