I only knew Orangutans from pictures, movies and TV shows and of course everyone knows how they look like and that they are cute. Unfortunately there are not that many Orangutans around these days and you can only see them in four places around the world (if my information is correct).

So when I heard that you can see them in Sabah’s National Parks I didn’t want to miss the opportunity and went for it. In Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre there are a few male and female Orangutans as well as some little ones (I didn’t get to see them). They have two feeding times a day, and that’s when your chances are best to spot them (10AM in the morning and 3PM in the afternoon). Entrance fee: (30 MYR – 6,50 € + 10 MYR – 2,20 € to take pictures).

Please find a few of the photos I’ve taken that day and also take a look at my story and pictures from my jungle adventure the few days before that (where I actually got to see one male Orangutan in nature after trying to find one for three days).