I had just begun my journey around the world in October when I flew from Boston (USA) to Québec City (Canada). In Boston (Massachusetts) and the surrounding states of Vermont and New Hampshire I was already lucky enough to see a bit of the famous Indian Summer. Although I had been there, during what must have been the time just before the real explosion of colours (people were saying it hadn’t really had happened yet), I could still imagine what it would look like in full extent. When flying from Boston to Montréal and further on to Québec City I was – to my surprise – able to spot it by myself. As far as I could see an ocean of yellow foliage lying to my feet. I had never seen something like it before and was truly happy to be lucky enough to enjoy such a view on my journey!


The picture was taken in New Hampshire, I didn’t take one in the plane as I was enjoying the moment fully.