For the first time in life I would see lave. I wasn’t even aware that there is a volcano close to Granda in Nicaragua that is active and open for tourists to visit. The moment I found out I booked a tour and was basically on my way up the volcano. I felt like a little child again, right before christmas, when you don’t know if there would be something under the tree and the general excitement about the holiday is in the air. That is the way I felt the hours before going up Volcano Masaya. I was also hoping and crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t start raining as they have to close down the National Park once it starts as toxic gases build when raindrops hit the lava. A few drops came down minutes before we could enter the park but none of us would say a word. The moment we arrived up the hill we were all taken by the hot running lava in the 200 meter deep crater. Birds were flying up and made me wonder how hot the lava actually is. The boiling up fluid was so mesmerising that I couldn’t look away, while it encircles you magically.

Photos of my time in Nicaragua and the summary of my 2nd month of travelling the world.