Hearing about the Komodo dragons for the first time in 2011, I knew I was to visit the creature of the past one day. The Komodo dragon is also know as the last dinosaur and is only found on the Komodo Island in Komodo National Park close to Flores in Indonesia. Yes, as you might imagine by now, it is quite a journey to get to the National Park but it is definitely worth it. You – of course – won’t know in advance, if you’ll get lucky and see them. So after a 6 hour boat trip, on a very small and what seemed to be not very safe boat, we arrived on the island. We go for a walk around the island and passing some trees, turning around a corner there it is, the first Komodo dragon I ever spotted-WOW!

I had actually seen the last dinosaur, I couldn’t quite believe it! So happy to have seen a Komodo dragon we all kept on walking and later on when we finished our tour near the waterfront we actually ran in a group of Komodo dragons as they were all seeking the sun (which is what they do during the rainy season to recharge their bodies with the generous sun). I still can’t believe that I have seen a Komodo dragon!