Dear friends and readers,

This is the first post of a new format I’d like to introduce on my blog – the Sunday Season. The posts I’m about to blog in that format are from my time travelling around the world but took me some time to reflect in them first before I actually wanted to post them. I’d like to start the first season with my exceptional experience in Tibet, a country that is very close to my heart now and where I have met the most kind and beautiful people. I’ll post manly pictures as I hope they’ll say more than 1000 words, stand for themselves and I hope they’ll give you a glimpse of my Tibet.

People in Tibet welcomed me with an open heart and open arms and one thing I learned very early during my time there is, that they smile not only with they mouth but also with their eyes and the whole body. That was such a beautiful thing to see and I felt accepted and welcome from the start. Here are a few pictures I took in Lhasa, Shigatse and in the Himalayan region.


Sunday Season Tibet:
Sunday Season: Tibet 2 – The Potala Palace in Lhasa
Sunday Season: Tibet 3 – The Mount Everest Base Camp
Sunday Season: Tibet 4 – Monasteries around Tibet
Sunday Season: Tibet 5 – The Himalayan Region