Time spend at the Mount Everest Base Camp (5200m) one of the most amazing experiences of my world trip. What started as a vage idea (who just goes to Mount Everest Basecamp?) turned into a plan and a visit – and yes, I know how incredibly lucky I am in my life!

At first I didn’t feel the excitement everybody seemed to be washed over by. On the one hand side I felt like I didn’t deserve to be here, as I am not one of the climbers, not reaching for the summit (but the stars later that day) and on the other hand side I couldn’t believe I was actually standing right in front of the highest mountain on the planet.

I felt better once I started exploring with my camera and found my peace (with being at the Base Camp as a non-climber) in the middle of the night taking some of the best shots of my trip, playing with light, capturing the stars and the full moon coming up behind another mountain). I didn’t want to leave, the place put a spell on me but I had to as everyone in the group could feel the high altitude and not everyone was feeling as great as I did (even though I didn’t sleep a wimp in the cold tent that night).

Once I was on the bus I immediately started to plan my next encounter with the Mount Everest and decided that I want to go up the Advanced Base Camp at 6500m.


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