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Best of Travelling – Mesmerized by lava

For the first time in life I would see lave. I wasn't even aware that there is a volcano close to Granda in Nicaragua that is active and open for tourists to visit. The moment I found out I booked... weiterlesen →

Best of Travelling – Longest left wave on a hardboard

Surfing is one of my favourite sports in the whole world. For me it is the perfect combination of action and mindfulness (as you catch a wave you cannot think of anything else, so it is a complete mindful moment).... weiterlesen →

Wenn sich Pläne ändern…..

A taste of Central America I – World Trip Month 2

I never wanted to come here. That was my last thought when finally leaving Fort Lauderdale after a 12 hours delay caused by ash clouds over Costa Rica. But that's the way it should be on a world trip, I... weiterlesen →

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