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Best of Travelling – Night photo shoot at Potala Palace, Lhasa (Tibet)

Do you remember the first time you saw something that literarily took your breath away? I had a moment just like that, when I turned my head around and found myself in front of the Potala Palace in Lhasa and... weiterlesen →

Shanghai (less pictures, more stories)

After a smooth immigration in Shanghai Pudong International Airport I get stuck, trying to call the hotel for the offered free shuttle bus. After 30 minutes I give up and go to the taxi stand, but the next available driver... weiterlesen →

Streets of Shanghai – A 4 day trip in pictures

Get a glimpse of what my 4 days in Shanghai  looked like. I spend my time walking around a lot and trying to get lost as always, to find local spots and the real flair of the city.  

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